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PS3 irisMAN 4.81.1

Download PS3 irisMAN 4.81 Free – PS3 irisMAN 4.81.1 Free Download – PS3 irisMAN 4.81.1 CEX/DEX Download. irisMAN sheds the unofficial update tag for this latest update as developer aldostools is back with an update (v4.81.1) for the popular homebrew application for CFW (PS3) usersIn version 4.81.1, Aldostools has provided support to “unmount games” that were mounted by the webMAN (or webMAN MOD) plugin. This updates also provides for various other changes and improvements such as Improved BD Mirror, Multiple GamePad Support in IRISMAN’s GUI and a bit more you can peek in the included releases log below:

IRISMAN is an Iris Manager fork created by aldostools (& at times updated by others) The multi-purpose homebrew manager includes the latest MAMBA payload by _NzV_

* NEW IRISMAN 4.81.1

  • Added support for 4.81 DEX

IRISMAN 4.81.0

  • Added support for 4.81 (Mamba 3.x uses file hashes from 4.81 Ferrox Cobra)

IRISMAN 4.80.0

  • Added support for Mamba 3.x (thanks to PS3ITA)
  • Implemented PRX Mamba Loader into IRISMAN
  • Added load Mamba through PRX Loader payload
  • Added support to load Mamba uncompressed
  • Added display of payload version in Global menu
  • webMAN now is auto-loaded with IRISMAN (the path of the plugin is set in settings.ini)
  • Added display of CPU/RSX temperatures in File Manager
  • Fixed various issues listing games
  • Changed version to match latest supported CFW version (like in multiMAN)

Download PS3 irisMAN 4.81.1 Free

File Size: 15.9 MB
Price: FREE



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